Golden retriever plays fetch and returns with live baby goose instead of ball

Everyone knows how to play the game of fetch – but it seems one amusing dog mistook the basic rules.

Cheeky Violet was out on a walk when she dived into a pond to chase her ball, then returned with a live baby goose.

The very confused bird was held in her mouth while she paddled her way through the water back to her incredulous human.

Owner Patty Carter, 28, from Idaho, US, filmed the amusing moment, and can be heard saying behind the camera: “Violet, are you for real right now?”

The very wet and sweet-faced Violet acts as if nothing out-of-the-ordinary has happened, and places her paws on the concrete edge.

Then the golden retriever gently releases the young bird and gives her a nose bop on the head for good measure.

All the while, the parent goose honks in the background and Patty gives Violet a strong talking-to about fetching live animals.

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Satisfied with her job, Violet casually swims away and turned her attention elsewhere.

Patty, who was left in disbelief, said: “She has NEVER done this before. Violet has chased animals, but has never actually caught anything.”

The funny incident happened when Patty and her pooch were visiting one of Violet’s favourite spots, the Together Treasure Valley Dog Island in Ann Morrison Park, Boise.

Violet’s adorable video has been viewed 12.1 million times on TikTok, with just over 10,000 comments, most of which commended her good retrieving skills.

One person commented: “A retriever that retrieves and with a soft mouth…..Good girl Violet.”

Golden retrievers were bred specifically to bring game – especially waterfowl – back to their owners, so it’s all in her nature.

Patty reassured owners that the baby goose was left unharmed, if a bit bewildered, and shared an updated video of it walking around.

Another dog gaining traction online is Balu the one-year-old dachshund, who adorably tucks a new litter of kittens into bed.

The sausage dog can be seen lovingly cleaning and ‘kissing’ each kitten goodnight before tugging on the blanket and wrapping it around them.

Owner Julieta Gonzalez Laplac, 27, from Vera, Argentina, filmed Balu dotting on the fur family while their mum, Clor, lay feeding.

Julieta said: “At first we didn’t allow him much access because we were afraid he would hurt the kittens, but when we realised that his reaction was loving we let him spend time with them.

“We know the dog won’t harm the cats and we let them spend time together. The truth is, the dog’s behaviour surprised us.”