‘Skinny’ man downs UK’s biggest breakfast with 8,000 calories then goes back for pudding

A man has completed one of Britain’s biggest breakfast challenges in record time – then went back for dessert.

Fitness instructor Jack Squires downed the meal – which contains around 8,000 calories – in 12 minutes 50 seconds.

The epic breakfast comes with five eggs, five sausages, five rashers of bacon, five tomatoes, five hash browns and five black puddings.

It is also served with five pieces of toast, five portions of beans and five portions of mushrooms.

YouTuber Jack ate the meal in the quickest time ever at Bicester Bean Coffee Shop and Caf in Oxfordshire.

The owner of the independent cafe, Aly Clifton, then asked Jack if he would care for a normal dessert – or a dessert challenge.

She handed him a pudding made up of 25 pancakes, 25 tiny pancake bites, six hot chocolate brownies, five scoops of ice cream, one and a half bags of marshmallows, strawberries, squirty cream and lots of chocolate sauce.

Jack managed to finish half of his pudding – and had to take the rest home.

Aly said: “I didn’t think he stood a chance. But then he became this quick eating machine.

“He was a skinny boy, if he was more than eight stone, I would have been surprised.

“His time would take some beating and I can’t see anyone doing it myself.”

The breakfast costs £25, including £5 donated to a local cancer charity, but if the challenger can finish the meal within 45 minutes they eat for free.