UK’s cheapest full English as cafe cuts price to 99p to help struggling customers

Generous cafe owners have had a belly full of the cost of living crisis and have slashed the price of a full English to just 99p to help their hungry customers.

The Tastee Cafe in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, usually charge £3.50 for the British staple of sausage, bacon, egg and beans.

But now hard-up diners will pay just a third of the price as some struggle as their bills continue to soar.

Co-owner Nadine Grant said the budget breakfast was possible due to a deal with the cafe’s meat suppliers and believes they had to do something to help.

She said the cafe, which provided free packed lunches to local families during the pandemic, was also being hit by spiralling energy and food costs.

But the worker said she was determined to do everything she could to help after hearing of customers feeling the pinch.

She said: “We decided between us to put it on the menu to see if it would help.

“We noticed people aren’t spending like they normally do. You can tell everyone’s feeing the pinch.

“We hope it helps the local community, especially the kids and parents – a lot of kids are going to school in the morning hungry these days.

“It’ll be nice for parents to be able to give them a nice hot meal.”

Nadine, a mum-of-five, said the cafe sold six of the 99p meals on its first day on Monday and the deal will run all week.

She added: “We know everyone’s bills have gone up.

“The economy is really bad at the moment; energy prices have gone up, fuel has gone up. It’s just nice to help out.”

It comes as more than half of Brits won’t be able to afford to pay their bills within a matter of months – with more than five million already forced to choose between heating and eating, research has revealed

An exclusive survey for the Daily Mirror has exposed the everyday impact of the cost of living crisis, from families ditching non-essentials and cancelling holidays, to missing rent payments and parents skipping meals so their children can eat.

Worries about soaring bills has impacted the mental health of more than half those questioned – one in five significantly so.

Labour seized on the findings to slam millionaire Chancellor Rishi Sunak ’s lack of action to properly help those now battling to make ends meet.

Leader Keir Starmer told the Mirror: “Working people are being hammered, and the worst is about to hit.

“The Mirror’s poll shows just how bad things are already.”

The Government has finally confirmed the exact date when millions of of people will start to receive the £650 cost of living payment. We explain when the money will arrive and who is eligible.